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Non-Woven Whole Plant Machinery &Equipment: Products Lines ~ A. Quilts/ComfortersMachinery & Equipment B. Resin Bonding FabricWhole Plant Machinery & Equipment C. Through-Air Non WovenWhole Plant Machinery & Equipment D. Needle Punch WholePlant Machine & Equipment
Non-Woven Whole Plant Machinery,machinery weaving machine,
Through different procedures, non-woven products are widely used in our daily life.  The finished products can be applied for comforters/quilts wadding, filter for air conditioners, sanitary and health care materials, garment industry such as non-woven interlining, for shoes and bags materials, for
Bedcovers,houseware bed sheet bed spread pillow case,
Bedcovers in different materials such as Satin, T/C, 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester etc., made by printing, embroidery, hand twisting flowers or sewing patchwork.  More details are available to be offered upon request. Proudly designed and made in Taiwan. High Quality Stylish Design Easy to Clean

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Providing the services of total solutions from raw materials, bedding related machinery, and finished textile products with customers’ satisfaction are our main goals to achieve. As an experienced supplier since 1984, we are specialized in the fields of (A) Raw Materials and (B) Comforters & Non-woven Whole Plant Machinery & Foam Machinery and (C) Home Textile Products in Bedding & Decoration.

With vertically integrated services, it allows us to take full control of the process so we can establish in-depth relationship with our customers.

Furthermore, Apparel Accessories from Taiwan and China also belong to our other line. For more information, please contact us.


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